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Your guide to staying in Thailand for 3 months

Thailand is an enduringly popular travel destination and it's with good reason. If picture perfect white beaches are your thing, there is a plethora of isolated tropical islands to choose from. If you want to experience trekking in the Thai jungle, the outskirts of Chiang Mai in the north provides limitless opportunities for this. Or if you prefer city holidays, Bangkok is a bustling metropolis that will speak to your city loving soul.

But why just experience one aspect of Thailand when you could experience them all? For many people, navigating their way through the visa situation plays a big role in this. If you want to take a longer three month trip to Thailand, you can't just turn up and stay for three months, nor can you apply for a three month tourist visa in advance. With that said, it is still possible to spend three months in Thailand as a tourist, and here's how you can do it.

Option 1

This is probably the best option for making life easy once you are actually in Thailand as it doesn't involve you doing any visa runs to other countries – you can simply spend all your time in Thailand. But it does involve a little bit of advanced planning.

Most people touch down in Thailand and they are allocated 30 days in the country with their Visa on Arrival. But it is actually possible to visit the Thai Consulate in Australia, and apply for a two month instead of a one month stay in advance. If you live in an area away from a Thai consulate then it is possible to supply your documents to a travel agency and to let them take care of all the visa processing for you.

So with this visa you have two months in the country – then what about your third month? Well, it is also possible to apply for a 30 day extension once you are in the country, and you can do this in the two biggest cities in the country, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, so whether you are in the south or the north of the country, there should be somewhere relatively close by where you can extend your stay.

Option 2

Your second option is to land at the airport and accept your Visa on Arrival, which will give you 30 days in the country. At the end of those 30 days, you will then have to go through the same visa extension process in either Bangkok or Chiang Mai. But at the end of your two months in the country, you will need to hop across the border to a nearby country such as Laos or Malaysia, spend a couple of days there (which is truthfully not the most arduous struggle – both are wonderful places), and then hot foot it back into Thailand where you will be granted another 30 days.

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